"Ring It Up" FTC game challenge brought unique and unexpected challenges. Thanks to liberated material requirements teams were able to fabricate nearly any custom part fathomable, and we took full advantage of new rules in developing our main robot components.

The Game

There are a total of 24 rings available to each team as scoring objects in the game. In the center of the field there is a 3x3 double sided grid of pegs with an infrared sensor on the middle row. During autonomous, the robot tries to score its autonomous ring on the column with the infrared sensor, which is randomly placed on any column. During the driver - controlled period, the robot will grab 2 rings at a time, try to score as many rings, and complete as many 3 - in - a - row arrangements as possible. The final thirty (30) seconds of the Driver Controlled Period is called the End Game. One robot from each Alliance is challenged to lift their respective alliance robots as high as possible, resulting in more points.

Our Solution

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