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View 2011 Engineering Lab Notebook

View 2010 Engineering Lab Notebook

For more information, visit our Last Season Engineering Lab Book page:


Here is a sample entry from our Google Docs engineering lab notebook. This particular entry contains a drawing created in Google's Drawing functionallity.
Last  season we started off with a traditional binder bound engineering labnotebook where we kept our meeting entries and plans. After quite a bit of reasearch we found an online word processing application called Zoho. Unfortunatly, Zoho didn't allow us to work with images and drawings as we wanted, so we later stumbled upon Google Docs, another free web-based word processing application. Google docs allowed us to insert images, resize them, create drawings, and format our text just how we wanted.

In Google Docs, we created a template that can easily be pasted into a new document every meeting. The template includes the FIRST required components including Task/Reflection table, team number, date, page number, meeting number, and footer table.