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 Please use this PayPal button to make a donation to the River Grove Cause

Please use the “Donate” button to make a donation to the River Grove “cause”.

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The Untitled-8 robotics team feels it’s not only important to share robotics and science with others, particularly younger students, but also connect with our local community in a way that wil leave a legacy and a lasting impression for years to come.

Community Connecty Rivergrove Fundraiser FlyerAs many of our team members are River Grove Elementary school alumni, we wish to inspire and promote technology at this school. River Grove is a Title I school, and lacks the resources compared to other schools in our district. Consequently, River Grove does not have funding and space for a science lab. We, the Untitled-8 team, are stepping up to solve this double-edged problem with solutions.
We are organizing various fundraising activities to permit purchase of microscopes, robotics/science kits (with curriculum), and laptops. To address the issue of space, or lack thereof for a science lab, the Untitled-8 team will design and build a specialized roving portable cart that can be moved from classroom to classroom. The cart will also hopefully contain a digital microscope to allow an entire classroom full of students to view a single slide on an overhead monitor or projector. This will enhance the instructor’s ability to improve the science experience.


Opportunity Drawing Fundraiser

Enter our raffle for a chnce to win an
Apple iPod Touch opportunity drawing fundraiser 4th generation! One ticket cost just $2.00. Drawing to be held January 15th. 100% of profit goes to Rivergrove Elementary school. To purchase opportunity drawing tickets, please send an email to
play4acause@yahoo.com - Please provide your phone number, and how many tickets you wish to purchase, and we will contact you directly immediately and send you your opportunity drawing tickets. Many thanks for your support!
Panda Express Fundraiser For Rivergrove
Click image above for details about Panda Express fundraiser event.
Panda Exprers Fundrraiser was held on december 7th. Thank you to all who attended! Please keep checking back for updates regarding a possible second funraiser.

Come on down to Panda Express of Lower Boones Ferry Rd. on December 7th for the River Grove Fundraiser! 20% of funds raised will go towards the purchase of a science lab for River Grove Elementary School. Dont forget to bring this flyer or mention the fundraier during checkout. For more information, click on the image (right)to view the event flyer.
Halo Reach Tournament Fundraiser
Competition was held on November 12, 2010. Thank you to all who attended. The Untitled-8 robotics team plans to host another similar even soon. Keep checking back for updates.

Enter tournament for a chance to win prizes worth up to $60!



Thanks to the Untitled-8 fundraising efforts, River
Grove Elementary school now has a brand new
digital microscope. It has been installed and many
teachers have already received training, provided
by the manufacturer. The Untitled-8 team was
acknowledged by all 5th and 6th grade teachers and
students to this thrilling new addition to help make
kids excited about the world of science.
Click the below links for specific fundrasier events:

Collaboration With Democratic People's Republic of Robots FTC Team from Shanghai, China
River Grove Science and Technology Fair 
 Grant Proposal

River Grove Elementary School Science and Technology Fair

Collaboration With Democratic People's Republic of Robots FTC Team from Shanghai, China

Halo Reach Tournament Fundraiser Event

iPod Touch Opportunity Drawing Fundraiser for River Grove Elementary School

Panda Express River Grove Fundraiser Event


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We hosted the annual River Grove Elementary Science and Technology Fair for the second year. We setup a robotics showcase with a full field and drove around both of our robots. Turnout was HUGE (over 200 attended), children loved it, and many questions were asked about how they can get involved in Jr. FLL and FLL. 

We collaborated with an FTC team, The Democratic Peoples Republic of Robotics, an FTC team from Dulwich College in Shanghai, China.


We sent the team a copy of  “FTC Robotics: Tips,

Tricks, Strategies, and Secretes”, samples from our Engineering Lab Notebook, and and shared information regarding the use of Samantha Wi-Fi.

100K Grant Proposal

Upon reading a local newspaper we found an ad for a Microsoft school grant proposal competition. We entered the grant competitition with an essay and several images. Though we did not win, we leared a lot.