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2009 FTC Season

Last season the Untitled-8 team devided to retire from FLL (and take part in FTC. Our team decided we were ready to make the step up to a more advanced competition for a greater challenge.

See "Last Season" above for more inforamtion about our 2009 FTC season.



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Our team has seven members. We go to Lakeridge School in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and are in 9th grade. Our FTC (First Tech Challenge)and FLL team in 2009 and 2008 went by Untitled-8, and we've renewed for a third season with FIRST.

The idea for the team name "Untitled-8" came from the LEGO NXT-G programing software. When a new program is created in NXT-G it is automatically called Untitled-1. The second Untitled-2, third Untitled-3, etc. Our team  had eight members, so Untitled-8 was perfect.




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2008 FLL Season

The 2008 FLL season was our first season together, though several of our team members had previously participated in FLL. Untitled-8 won first place at the regional competition hosted at Metor Graphics, and 4th place at state. It was a great experience for all of us and a fantastic

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